Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Greek Potatoes and MUCH More!! GF Style!

Maria knows what she's doing! I LOVE Greek food, and I love Maria's Greek Restaurant. Who knows what's in the food we eat, especially food prepared at any restaurants? After dealing with horrible cross contamination issues... you can never be too careful. With that said, I always make sure to discuss my gluten issue before ordering. The staff at Maria's Greek Restaurant is familiar with gluten, their ingredients, and happily advise you on what's ok and what's not. Let me say... I've always had AMAZING meals here! Browse the menu, there are MANY GF options, and the staff will help! The restaurant received 4/5 stars on yelp, and had 50 reviews!

It's just plain GOOD! Flavors galore. The food tastes like its been marinated for hours, the portions are huge (and I took this plate down!). Pictured above is the half chicken, with potatoes and rice ($11.50). The chicken is flavored with lemon and oregano. Scrumptious!

In previous GF visits, I've had the lentil soup (highly recommend it), lamb shank (with the tomato sauce taken out -- not great for those with reflux issues, better to 86 it). Believe me when I say, the lamb shank is still delicious without the sauce. It falls off the bone. It's perfection!

Huge THUMBS UP to Maria's!! Thank you for being an easy stop for lunch or dinner!

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