Monday, November 15, 2010


SO PLEASED Pizza Fusion's South Beach location is NOW OPEN! If you are GF and love great pizza, Pizza Fusion is for you.

My personal favorite, is the traditional GF pizza, with goat cheese topping. Check out the Menu, as you can see, all GF items are notated by "GF" next to the item. How great does this pizza look?? The personal GF pizza is $3 more than the regular pizza and has 4 square slices, see below (you're right, I couldn't wait and ate a piece, when you try it, you'll understand). The Large GF pizza has 8 slices, and is $5 more than the regular pizza. My specialty goat cheese is $1 more on a personal pizza, and $2 more on a large. My personal GF with goat cheese topping is $10 ($9 plain).

While I was at Pizza Fusion yesterday, I did notice that the same pizza paddles are used for both the regular and GF pizzas, and it looked like the GF and regular pizza's were all on the same racks. I know I am overly senstive and have reactions with cross contamination - I did not have a reaction -- but, this may be an issue for some.

I have separately tried the pear and gorgonzola salad - as some of you may know, some blue and gorgonzola cheese is NOT gf (you must be careful!), I have had unfortunate reactions to some. I was told Pizza Fusion's gorgonzola is in fact GF. I've tried it and did not have a reaction. I've asked why it is not notated with the "GF" symbol - but, had not received a clear answer, they likely do not want the liability by saying its GF if some have a reaction.

Update** - I also tried the new updated spinach and artichoke pizza, delicious.

(Update* - The South Beach location has GF Flatbread on the menu!)

It's also great to notice the Gluten Free Brownie $4 on the menu - I've tried them at different locations, and I'd personally rather stick to Betty Crocker's brownies. If you really want dessert when you're at Pizza Fusion - the insider scoop I received is to ask if they are grainy that day - it makes all the difference to me. The first time I tried them, they were ehh, could live without them. The grainy taste made the consistency tough to swallow. I'd prefer the smooth taste, where the only thing that's crunchy is the many chocolate chips I add! Apparently, some chefs have realized this and make adjustments to make them more smooth/less grainy. The North Miami Beach location has sorbets, I've had the chocolate chocolate chip on top of the brownie, that was great. I know... I'm a chocoholic, I've admitted it already!

Bottom line, if you want delicious GF Pizza, Pizza Fusion is your place. It's a must try! Enjoy it!

Update 3/25/2012 - Love the goat cheese pizza and chocolate brownies!




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