Monday, November 22, 2010

Breadsticks - Are you Sure you Are GF??

Schar gluten free breadsticks are incredible! I was thrilled to find them. Personally, bread is what I miss most, and these breadsticks taste like the real deal. I've had non Celiac/non GF family members/friends try this product, all agree and enjoy them.

I found numerous other Schar products at the grocery store today, and picked up a lot of them, which I can't wait to try. Here is a list of all of Shar's products. From GF flours to bread to piczza crust and cookies, Schar has many choices. I was separately impressed with Schar's website, it is an amazing Celiac resource. It has a Celiac Disease and Nutrition web page that lists many wonderful Celiac/GF resources from travel tips for Celiacs to Associations in the U.S. and support groups. Schar also has a gluten-free life link, listing restaurant and travel tips, to shopping tips and more.

The breadsticks come in 2 packages, above is one. Yum!

I'm delighted to have found Schar and look forward to trying ALL of their products. Visit their online store or your local grocery store to check out Schar products. Huge THUMBS UP to Schar!

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  1. Schar's Lady Fingers and Ciabatta Rolls are TO DIE FOR!!! Taste like the real thing, SO IMPRESSED with Schar!!