Friday, November 19, 2010

The Good Cookie!

The Good Cookies is a company that produces 3 different types of GF, lactose free and flourless cookies. They also use 100% recyclable packaging. They were kind enough to send me a package of cookies to review.

When I received a package from The Good Cookies, it was like opening a birthday present. I had to show you the pictures - the packaging is beautiful and so much fun to open. I order products from all over the U.S. - and never feel like I'm receiving a special present, but, with The Good Cookies, this is a different story. I loved learning the packaging was 100% recyclable.

First, you have a white box with the pink sticker from The Good Cookies.

Then, the cookies are wrapped in pink wrapping paper with the pink sticker from The Good Cookies. Adorable, right??

Upon opening the wrapping paper, I had 2 packages of cookies, it contained all 3 types of cookies.

Here's what the individual cookies look like.
This is The Good Cookie! Yes, it is the cookie the company is named after! It's a chocolate chip, peanut butter and oatmeal cookie combo. I would have loved to see just a chocolate chip version, minus the peanut butter and oatmeal - as I know how hard it is to have a great GF chocolate chip cookie. The oatmeal consistency in the cookie makes it more dense, but, its still a great cookie.

Pure and Innocent is my favorite! It is a white chocolate chip, peanut butter and oatmeal combo. The white chocolate chips are such a great addition, to me, this cookie brings all of the ingredients together best. The peanut butter and white chocolate are a great pair.

The last is the Choc-o-holic, which is a chocolate chocolate chip, peanut butter and oatmeal combo. I originally thought this would have been my favorite, being a huge chocoholic. Instead, it's my 2nd favorite. The oatmeal, as you can see, has flakes throughout the cookie. I personally, am not an oatmeal lover, and find the consistency with the white chocolate as being the taste that works for me best. The cookies are great GF cookies period, if you like oatmeal, all the better. I'd love to see them expand into different types of cookies, like a peanut butter chocolate chip - minus the oatmeal.

All in all, wonderful packaging plus great tasting GF cookies makes for a fabulous treat. You can order online, or shop that contains their cookies in Manhattan Beach.

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